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13 August 2016

Frankston 8 lost to Bonbeach 11

With our most recent bye officially stitching up a finals berth, the last two weeks games (Cheltenham and Bonbeach) afforded us the opportunity to get the entire squad, of which we have many, some playing time and prepare us for week one of the playoffs. And whilst the results weren't in the positive, two well fought and close contests see us in pretty good shape going in. In this week's game against Bonbeach, which was a precursor to our semi final as we again take on the Bluejays, we gave them a bit of a head start but battled back extremely well with all of our pitchers throwing the ball well and our hitters having little trouble getting on base. A few little tweaks here and there on defense and in the clutch and we'll be right as rain as we head up the freeway this Saturday, game time 2pm.
Congratulations to both the A1 and A2 teams for also making finals and commiserations to our B1 team who dropped a heartbreaker and got pipped at the post for fourth, fighting out the season and quite literally bringing it right down to the wire.

2 - Trent. 1 - Jai, Kyle, Mark (2B), Bill, Olly, SeanO, Connor.

Scoop - 1.1Inn 6H 1K 3BB 1HPB 10RS 1ER
Boof - 2Inn 0H 1K 1BB 0RS
Hyung - 1Inn 0H 2K 1BB 1RS 0ER

30 July 2016

Frankston 27 defeated Pakenham 1

Not a huge amount to report this week as i think the scoreline says it all. All credit to Pakenham who continued to play hard until the games end. Some excellent disciplined hitting and base running early in the game was a good sign for the Tomatoes leading into finals time of year. We have the bye next week before our final regular season game at Dingley. See you there.

3 - Hanson, Smith, Davis inc dbl. 2 - B Ratcliffe, Baillie. 1 - Fox, M Skinner, Coy dbl, Z Skinner.

Baillie - 3 innings, 1 hit, 3 K
Smith - 2 innings, 2 hits, 2 K, 2 BB

23 July 2016

Frankston 9 defeated Dandenong 2

The top of the table clash late in the season had all the ingredients for tight do or die stoush between Frankston and Dandenong this week however it quickly dissipated after we we able to put 6 runs on the board in the first innings largely due to some excellent team play with the bat from our entire line up, except the lead off hitter who ended being the 1st and 3rd out for the inning! we continued to pressure Dandenong with the bat getting hits in most innings before Mitch Bowen launched a nice home run to centre field in the 5th to score 3 and put Dandenong away for the game. Matt O'Brien threw well and once again the field behind him stayed tight making a play on almost every ball that found its way into the field. Dan Reeman once again mopped up the last two innings allowing Dandenong very little opportunity to catch us up. Not to be taken lightly, they still hold top spot on the ladder and aren't there for nothing so we fully expect an aggressive and tough group will turn out for finals which are only just around the corner. On the road to Pakenham this week, might see you out there.

3 - Reeman, Cavanagh. 2 - Wilson inc dbl, Davis incl dbl, Zac Skinner, Bowen inc HR. 1 - Veale dbl.

O'Brien - 5 innings, 5 hits, 5 K, 2 BB
Reeman - 2 innings, 2 hits

Frankston 2 lost to Dandenong 16

A tough day at the office as we again capitulated to league leaders Dandenong. For the 3rd time in as many games against them we were unable to find a way to significantly close the gap between us, again playing catchup baseball conceding early runs. With only two hits for the day to Bill and Josh, the less said about that the better, scoring was always going to be difficult. In fact our two runs in the second came from not putting one single ball into play. In the field we were ok, but little blemishes here and there are so costly against a powerful hitting team. Conner did supply a highlight however, gunning down a runner at third with a powerful throw from leftfield. All in all though, a disappointing result. Not all doom and gloom though as we live to fight another day and are firmly in the top four and will continue to push to find a way to get the job done. The road to the flag is through the Angels as it is for all the other contenders and if we continue to work hard, I'm sure cometh the day, all will click for us.

1 - Bill, Josh.

Scoop - 4Inn 9H 1K 3BB 9RS 1ER
Hyung - 1Inn 6H 0K 3BB 7RS 7ER

16 July 2016

Frankston 10 defeated Berwick 0

In what will probably be deemed as one of our most disciplined games of the season, we played under sunny skies at Berwick this week, the field had suffered due to the rain like our has however when the sun is out it doesn't really matter how wet it is. Certainly not to our pitching staff of Matt O'Brien and Dan Reeman who between them threw a fantastic game holding Berwick to one hit for the game and barely letting a base runner past 1st base. On the couple of occasions they did, our elderly catcher Steven Fox threw them out, or Conor Myles casually hosed them from right-field. As has been our focus for most of the season, our defence was excellent and once again Conor, Zac and Tommy continued to shine.
Play of the day went to Conor for his brilliant running flyball into the right field corner to end the game. Our hitting was again a pleasing sight to watch as all batters showed discipline against good pitching to score runs in most innings and keep the board ticking over. With the ball plugging in the outfield, multiple base hits were hard to come by, Tommy, Cav and Foxy all managed to hit the ball far enough to make it to second base earning the team valuable runs in the process.
All in all a good game for the team, especially as we approach the finals. Back home next week to face ladder leader Dandenong, cant wait! See you there.

3 - Tom Davis incl dbl. 2 - Conor Myles, Tim Hanson, Zak Skinner. 1 - Steve Fox dbl, Neil Cav dbl, Mitch Bowen.

Frankston 12 defeated Boneo 6

Road trip! On a simply perfect windless, sunny winters day, we packed our bags and took to the freeway for the drive to Rosebud to take on the Braves. Despite ladder position, we didn't want to take the Boneo team for granted and still needed to play good baseball if we wanted to achieve the desired result. With the usual cast of thousands, all eager to play, we jumped into the job at hand, hitting the ground running, starting the game in fine form, plating 4 runs with some great two out hitting. Hyung got the call to the hill for a second straight week, coming off last week's 1 hitter, but for reasons that only the baseball gods know, couldn't find the strike zone at all, walking the first four hitters. Scoop relieved as it was clear that today wasn't going to be Hyung's day, anyone that's ever pitched has had that feeling before. Scoop limited the damage to just the 4 and we went into the second inning all square and a brand new ballgame. The bats came alive again as we powered seven across the plate and then shut down the their bottom half of the inning. After a quiet third, Kyle decided to do something different and elevate the ball, smashing a triple to the right centre alley, then scoring on Luke's RBI basehit. On the mound, Scoop had done his job, shutting down the braves hitters for three digs handing the ball to Boof who did more of the same in his two innings of work.
We battered out the remainder of the game scoring a couple that wouldn't count on the official score sheet. Defense was outstanding today highlighted by a great play from Scoop, Luke and Josh for the 1-3-2 double play, Josh laying a superb tag at the plate, a highlight reel play at any level, and errorless baseball all game. Offensively, our middle order was great with Luke, Mark, Bill and Trent collecting 8 hits and 10 RBI's between them. Overall, a very good result, again doing what we needed to do as we get into the remaining handful of games. With the second round of games complete, old foes Dandenong appear on the horizon as next week's opponent at The Patch and with the B2 Tommies in good shape, it should be a cracker!

2 - Luke (inc 2B), Mark, Bill (inc 2B), Trent (inc 2B). 1 - Olly, Kyle (3B), SeanO, Josh.

Hyung - 0Inn 0H 0K 4BB 4RS 4ER
Scoop - 3Inn 5H 2K 1BB 2RS 2ER
Boof - 2Inn 3H 2K 1BB 0RS

9 July 2016

Frankston 10 defeated Dingley 4

With some regulars back in the line up, and the sun shining above a wet field, we took on Dingley at home in a game we needed to win to maintain a strong ladder position. Scott Baillie climbed back onto the hill after a lay off and gave up an early hit or two before settling in to close Dingley's hitting opportunity down. Strongly supported by some excellent fielding at shortstop from Tom Davis, out fielding from Conor Myles and catching from Zac Skinner, Scott was in his element tying up Dingley and restricting their run flow to 4 only. Buoyed by his control on the hill, our hitters stepped up and offered some aggressive at bats which swung the game into our control and from which we were never headed. Standout performances from Tom Davis, Conor Myles, Steve Fox, Scott Baillie and above all Zac Skinner with four great hits. It is very pleasing to see our juniors playing seniors and taking the game on without fear. We added runs in every innings and more importantly didn't let the slow start or experienced and talented Dingley pitcher unbalance us in any way.
We are off to Berwick next week to ideally continue the journey to the finals. See you there.

4 - Zac Skinner. 2 - Scott Baillie, Conor Myles, Steve Fox (inc 2B). 1 - Tim Hanson (2B), Neal Cavanagh, Tom Davis (2B), Marshall Skinner.

Scott Baillie - 7IP 7H 3K 1BB

Frankston 16 defeated Dingley 0

A welcome return to form after last week's disappointing effort. Back out on the far reaches of The Patch and a stunning sunny winter's day, again thanks to all in getting the diamond up and running, a mound being this week's inclusion. Hyung started on the hill for us and was sharp from the getgo striking out the side and continuing to dominate for the remainder of the game only giving up a soft infield hit on no runs. Luke came on to get the final two outs of the game after the coach ruthlessly gave Hyung the hook after giving up a 1 out walk. I guess SeanO was still in a bad mood after a four legged, white and brown sneaky bugger ran onto the field, costing the coach a double! Offensively everything clicked today for us, a vast contrast to 7 days earlier, with contributions from everyone in the lineup with hits, walks and savvy baserunning, from the sublime, Emma catching the defense napping, scoring from 1st on Kyle's ground ball to right centre, to the ridiculous, Luke crossing the plate after Boof headbutted an errant thrown ball whilst camped at first. The nature of the win recaptures the percentage lost after last week's result and maintains our spot on the ladder with 1/2 a game separating 2nd from 4th. Road trip to Boneo for our next game, yet another opportunity to continue to improve and give ourselves every chance to finish as high up the ladder as we can.

3 - SeanO. 2 - Mark (inc 2B). 1 - Luke (2B), Bill, Kyle, Scoop, Conner.

Hyung - 3.1Inn 1H 6K 4BB 0RS 0ER
Luke - 0.2Inn 0H 0K 0BB 0RS 0ER

2 July 2016

Frankston 7 lost to Cheltenham 11

Always in for a good game of baseball when playing Cheltenham, they are one of the consistently competitive clubs we face each season. this week was no different, we took a side missing a few regulars on to the diamond and got behind our designated starter Dayle Selleck ready to play defensive baseball. We scored early with some excellent Scott Baillie hitting, but then found ourselves behind after Cheltenham took on Dayle and scored six in the bottom of the first innings.
We worked our way back, scoring in every innings and continuing to hit the ball well, but Cheltenham's early ascendancy gave them good momentum to stay in front and despite Mitch Bowen relieving Dayle to get some much needed work in, we couldn't claw back their lead eventually succumbing by four runs.
Special thanks to Rob Davis for helping out at the last minute as well as Sam Watson getting his first of hopefully many games in the A2s.

2 - Tom Davis (inc 2B). 1 - Fox (2B), Barr, Hanson, Wilson, Baillie (2B).

Selleck - 3IP 11H 3K
Bowen - 2IP 1H 1K

Frankston 0 lost to Chelsea 11

A bad day at the office, that's all that can really be said, making for a considerably shorter match report this week. (Thank god I hear you all murmur) We simply put in a shocker. Hyung started for us and pitched pretty well and certainly didn't deserve the lack of support from both the offense and defence. We loaded the bases to both start and end the game but didn't score in either with a whole bunch of not much in the middle aside from letting Chelsea hitters and baserunners pretty much do whatever they wanted. There were some positives though, not a lot, but some. Luke continued his hot hitting of late with a couple more singles and Olly, in his second start in centrefield, is relishing the opportunity of extra playing time and responding accordingly. This week it was Kyiel Wineera, another one of our Juniors, who recorded his first senior hit, showing us all what to do with a solid line drive into left. Overall a game best left behind us, the sting of the loss driving us to not let it happen again. This group has rallied everytime a challenge is thrust before us, I expect this time also will be no different.

2 - Luke. 1 - Olly, Scoop, Hyung, Kyiel.

Hyung - 3Inn 5H 5K 3BB 8RS 1ER
Boof - 1Inn 4H 0K 1BB 3RS 0ER

25 June 2016

Frankston 11 defeated Bonbeach 7

Back at The Patch, we found ourselves out in the vast tundra of the park on Field 5 (we have a field 5??) thanks to some torrential rain storms knocking the Main diamond out of action. A massive 'thank you' to Derbs, Marko, Rod, Humphrey and Dirty for all their efforts on Friday arvo and Sat morning getting a temporary senior diamond up and going by gametime. With temperatures best described as Arctic and significantly colder than the other game going on just 400 metres away, we set off on this important clash between 4th and 3rd. Ground and weather conditions all pointed to a high offence game on a day not suited to either pitching or defense, but both pitchers belayed that thinking by keeping the bats quiet in the early going. Boof was our starter for today, must of been his turn in the rotation, and was pretty sharp for the first two innings despite giving up solo runs in each. In the box, we couldn't get anything going, but there were signs that our patience might be rewarded if we kept at it. In the 3rd, the Bluejays put up a two spot with a booming homerun but that would be all they would get as Boof knuckled down to strike out the next two and keep the damage to a minimum. After a three and out bottom of the inning, we again found ourselves in a jam with 2nd and 3rd occupied and none out. Two flyball outs and their subsequent throws to the plate, first by Luke at RF and then Olly in centre, kept the runner shacked at 3rd base both times. One batter later we were out of the inning in what loomed as being a huge momentum shifter. Despite not putting any runs over the plate in the first 3 innings, the team did make an impact by making the Bonbeach hurler throw a lot of pitches, several walks and deep counts had began to take its toll. Stevie gave us the best possible start to the inning with a leadoff single. From there we then sent 10 to the plate and scored 6 to jump into the lead. Again, patience was the key, with several walks and timely hits to Josh and Bill off an exhausted Bluejays pitcher. Score 6 to 4.
Scoop relieved Boof but ran into some trouble of his own doing but limited the scoring to just 3 runs, Gareth pulling off the play of the day on a ground ball in the hole at third. Down by a run, a new Bluejay hurler on the hill and with only enough time for our bottom of the inning only, I asked the team to dig deep once again. Olly, in his first Senior start, responded by drawing a walk, Olly had also got his first senior hit earlier in the game too. Trent followed with a walk of his own, both hitters again showing great poise and patience. Josh's clean shot to right, despite being gunned down at first, scored Olly, tying the game and putting Trent at third with the go ahead run. Birthday Girl Emma Tkalcevic then proceeded to give herself a present with a ground ball, scoring Trent despite the attempts of the Bluejays 1st baseman to cut him own at the plate. That was pretty much the end of the game right there, despite us scoring a couple more runs in junk time. A tremendous effort from everyone and a steel and resolve from this group to come back from behind, twice. Everyone seems to understand their role on the team now and watching the lineup take pitches, work the count waiting for the right pitch to go after or take the BB if its there, is especially pleasing. (20 runs from 16 walks, 4 HPB's with only 8 hits over the last two games) I'm excited to see more of it and what we might accomplish...

1 - Luke (2B), Bill, Steve, Olly, Josh.

Boofa - 4Inn 8H 4K 1BB 4RS 4ER
Scoop - 1Inn 2H 1K 2BB 3RS 2ER

18 June 2016

Frankston 10 defeated Cheltenham 0

With the bye and long weekend behind us the boys looked refreshed and ready to get back to winning ways in the second half of the season. After a 15 minute delay while the field had excess surface water removed, we produced our best performance of the season to jump back into 4th position on the ladder.
Our hitting was terrific, taking advantage of 7 walks and collecting 11 hits over 5 innings. The only inning that we didn't score in saw 2 runners tagged out at the plate. Neil Johnson continued to pound the ball while Neal Cavanagh collected 3 RBI's, Stuart Adam 2 RBI's and Evan Nisbet 2 RBI's with a special mention to Russell Clarke for his 3 walks.
Mitch Bowen limited Cheltenham to 4 baserunners and was well supported in the field with a solid defensive performance.

3 - Neil Johnson (inc 2B), Neal Cavanagh. 2 - Sam Watson, Stuart Adam. 1 - Evan Nisbet (inc 2B).

Mitch Bowen - 5IP 1H 2BB 2K 0R 0ER

Frankston 9 lost to Cheltenham 13

There are several cliches in sport, "the one that got away", "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" to name but a few, but both would be appropriate in this case, for in a battle for second spot, where the victor would gain a clear break, we simply gave this one to them.
Up 9 - 3 and seemingly cruising towards a great result, Cheltenham showed us what can happen if you don't bury an opposition when you have the chance to do so. 3 silly baserunning blunders which cost us a minimum of 3 runs left the door just slightly ajar keeping the rustlers in the game and able to to mount a challenge, which they successfully did. In a day difficult for fielding and pitching thanks to the weather and field conditions, giving the opposing team 3 cheap outs on base turned out to be pivotal.
Both Hyung and Scoop battled valiantly on a mound that was questionable at best. Defense was pretty solid on a day which didn't suit it, highlighted by Luke's unassisted double play and Kyle's Willie Mays catch in left field. Gareth's two booming doubles provided two of our 3 hits for the day and several of the boys wore a couple when the Chelt hurler struggled to find the zone, plugging four in the one inning, Billy copping the worst one, right on the point of the elbow (I'm happy to say that, after it looked pretty bad at the time, he's fine, albeit a little sore).
So it's onto this week's challenge, back at The Patch with several lessons learned and a fire in the belly to get back on the winners list.

2 - Gareth (2 x 2B). 1 - Luke

Hyung - 2.1Inn 3H 0K 4BB 5RS 4ER
Scoop - 1.2Inn 7H 1K 2BB 1HPB 8RS 2ER

28 May 2016

Frankston 1 lost to Dandenong 5

Finally the winter weather hit us as we journeyed to the land of the RA RA in Dandenong. The umpires were unsympathetic to our wishes and we played in the rain as the clouds slowly cleared.
As always, it was a great competition between both teams with hitting playing the main part of who scored and who didn't. Mac Hura filled the starting position on the hill in exceptional style allowing only 4 runs in 4 innings of pitching, in hindsight this was a great effort from Mac and it deserved a better effort from our hitting line up to keep us in the game. Missing Steven Fox from that hitting line up who was an early unavailable for the game (Wednesday) with man flu, we started slowly and didn't ever really look like getting on top of the Dandenong pitcher who threw a very good complete game.
Even though the result didn't go our way, the outing was a good indication of what we need to achieve this season if we want to compete in September again. The junior players in our team continue to impress all of us, and they are a great indicator of the junior program we have installed at the club. Back home for a return game against Pakenham before a two week break mid season due to Queens Birthday weekend and our scheduled bye round. See you all there.

2 - Tim Hanson (inc 2B). 1 - Ben Laux, Leigh Spicer, Zac Skinner, Tom Davis.

Mac Hura - 4IP 3H 2K 5BB 4RS
Tim Hanson - 2IP 1H 1K 1BB 1RS

Frankston 4 lost to Dandenong 14

We travelled to Robert Booth Reserve this week to face the ladder leaders with the hope of turning around our recent woes in the field. Unfortunately, we let ourselves down again, this time giving up 6 unearned runs, and walking away with a mercy rule defeat. Russell Clarke battled away admirably on the mound but was constantly required to throw extra pitches, which led to an early exit.
Highlights in the batter's box were rare as Dandenong rolled out some quality pitching but Ned Omar produced an RBI double to plate our first run while Aidan Fulcher contributed with two RBI's on two ground outs.
Hopefully, the bye and the long weekend will assist in resetting our focus for the second half of the season.

2 - Bevan Smart. 1 - Ned Omar (2B), Neil Johnson.

Russell Clarke - 5.2IP 11H 3BB 1K 12R 6ER
Tom Schneider - 2.1P 5H 1BB 2K 2R 2ER

Frankston 3 lost to Dandenong 9

On a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon, our first for 2016, the B2 Tomatoes's winning streak came to a screeching halt. However it wasn't all doom and gloom. After a largely forgettable 1st inning, where we threw away a good opportunity to put on some early scoreboard pressure, then followed up by gifting the Angels with 5 of their 7 first innings runs, the team settled into the game and from that point on, we played a very tightly contested ballgame, out hitting and out scoring our opponent.
In previous contests against this foe, we might have folded and been blown out severely, but not this time, which was really important as percentage will more than likely play a major part in ladder position. And whilst we didn't get the W we were looking for, we did put in a great effort to stay in the game and give ourselves a chance. Great job on the hill from both Boof and Scoop, collectively conceding only 2 hits after our fateful first dig. We scored a couple of runs in the top of the second, which was great to see some grit and determination when we could have dropped our bundle, but overall, offensively, we struggled to put runs over the plate despite consistently having runners on base, 7 LOB's would attest to that. A couple of baserunners picked off at 1st didn't help our cause either. A game of missed chances on both sides of the ball it's fair to say. From a club perspective it was great to see our youth of the team fill all three outfield positions to close out the game, Olly, Kyiel and Conner all acquitting themselves with aplomb, definatly a sign of things to come.
After a couple of weeks off, thanks to the bye and the Queens Birthday weekend, we travel to Cheltenham with less than half a season to play and our fate in our own hands.

2 - Bill. 1 - Steve, Kyle, Trent, Josh, Luke.

Boof - 3IP 9H 0K 2BB 9RS 8ER
Scoop - 2IP 0H 1K 0BB 0RS

21 May 2016

Frankston 14 defeated Berwick 2

The A Reserve Grand Final reply from 2015 was a one sided affair on Saturday just gone after we took a tightly contested game and blew it apart with a 12 run innings! Not something that you will see to often, and probably not something the Berwick throwing staff want to remember to quickly, however the 5th inning lasted 17 batters and 12 runs, 4 of which were unearned.
A combination of great team hitting, some great aggressive walks and base running by Tom Davis after the game was locked at 2 all got us started and every player contributed in one way or another. Some great throwing by Jye Nelson and Mac Hura kept Berwick at bay in a game they would probably rather forget about particularly in this early part of the season.
Off to Dandenong next Saturday to begin the second round of games for the season. See you all there.

2 - Mark Jones. 1 - Ben Laux, Conor Myles, Neal Cavanaugh, Scott Baillie, Mac Hura, Tom Davis.

Jye Nelson - 3IP 2H 3K 0BB 2RS

Frankston 7 lost to Boneo 15

'Slamin Sam'
The B1's winning streak was ended by a strong Boneo team, going down 15 - 7 at home. After a rough top of the 1st, which included 2 walks, 2 errors, 2 strikeouts and a 3 run home run, the boys responded in style in the 2nd inning by taking the lead 6-5. Ned Omar hit a bases loaded 2 out double to score two to get us off the mark. Teizo Kato then walked to load the bases for Sam Watson, who proceeded to launch the second pitch over the cones in right field for a GRAND SLAM (congratulations Sam, it is a great achievement). Unfortunately, we were unable to continue this hot form in the batter's box as the Boneo reliever did a fine job over the next 7 innings, only allowing only one run.
We let ourselves down in the field again and will need to improve quickly as we can't afford to give up 7 unearned runs in any game.

2 - Sam Watson (inc HR), Neil Johnson (inc 2B). 1 - Ned Omar (2B), Ben Clarke, Tom Schneider, Tim Hanson (2B), Aidan Fulcher.

Tim Hanson - 4IP 7H 2BB 6K 11R 4ER
Stuart Adam - 5IP 6H 2BB 5K 4R 4ER

Frankston 17 defeated Boneo 4

Back at The Patch, hosting Boneo, the B2 Tomatoes put in another great performance, following on from last weekends result and our fourth win in a row. Scoop started on the hill and completely dominated the first two innings. We hit the scoreboard in the bottom of the second with three runs and another two in the third after Boneo opened their account with a run. A two out rally from the Braves cut our lead to one and it seemed that the game was at a cross road as we came to bat in the bottom of the fourth. Steve drew a leadoff walk but was promptly gunned down trying to swipe second, hmmmmm not the best start to the inning. Connor then followed with his own base on balls in a great AB, battling back from an 0 and 2 count. That's when things sprang to life. Four straight hits to Gareth, Evo, Kyle and the red hot Bill, two of them doubles, produced several runs and Hyung's infield single plated our fifth and final run for the inning. After four complete and a 6 run lead, Scoop's day was done, handing the ball to Hyung, who's two innings of relief only allowed two baserunners and shutdown the Boneo Offense. More Tomatoes hits and a further seven runs, to back up from the previous inning, would complete the scoring for the rest of the contest. A great team effort by all with bat and ball, the defense being particularly pleasing, a significant step up after last week's effort. Hitting honours went to G, Kyle, Bill and H, who collected 11 between them, Hyung's three infield hits providing some much needed speed to the lineup.
Having played all opponents once now, we find ourselves in outright 2nd place on the ladder and with a healthy percentage. The team is competing well and packed full of confidence as we begin to tackle everyone for a second time, league leaders Dandenong looming large on the horizon as this week's challenge.

3 - Gareth (inc 2B), Bill (inc 2B), Hyung. 2 - Kyle. 1 - Evo (2B), Trent, Josh.

Scoop - 4Inn 6H 6K 1BB 4RS 1ER
Hyung - 2Inn 1H 2K 1HPB 0RS

14 May 2016

Frankston 7 defeated Dingley 0

A Sunday game at Dingley beckoned for the A Reserve team this week to break up the routine of Saturdays and throw into chaos the plans of several players who didn't realise! Never the less, we made the field with a full line up of players and formally welcomed Marshall Skinner to the playing field at Frankston albeit in a fill in role after losing Mac up to the A Grade. Also playing his first game in the A Reserve after some solid performances in the B1 team was Zac Skinner, who unfortunately forgot his throat guard rendering him unable to catch under the associations new ruling. Mitch Bowen returned to the hill after an injury break and put in a solid performance holding Dingley out of the game completely, well supported by the field he was replaced by Conor Myles who continued on from where Mitch left off keeping Dingley off balance for three great innings of pitching.
Tim Hanson closed the game out after a shaky start to complete the team shut out! Highlights of the game were Zac smashing a double down the line to score Scott Baillie and break the game and scoreboard open, Mark Jones running a nice triple from a hard hit ball, Scott Baillie laying out a nice sacrifice bunt, Tommy Davis almost destroying his knee whilst still managing to catch a pop up and Ben Laux maintaining his rock star status behind the dish for the second week in a row.
All in all a solid game that was tight until we started to get hits off the Dingley starting pitcher and break the game open, it was fantastic to see another new junior player in our line up taking the game on. Back to Frankston next week to complete the first time round of playing all teams in the comp when we meet Berwick in a replay of last year's Grand Final. See you all there.

2 - Ben Laux, Zac Skinner incl dbl, 1 - Mark jones incl triple, Scott Baillie incl dbl, Steve Fox, Tom Davis, Tim Hanson.

Mitch Bowen - 3 innings, 4k's, 1BB
Conor Myles - 2 1/3 Innings, 2 Hits, 2k's, 3BB
Tim Hanson - 2/3 innings, 1k, 1bb

Frankston 8 defeated Dingley 7

The B1 team made it 2 wins in a row following a nail biting 8-7 victory over winless Dingley. We got off to a bright start by scoring one run in the 1st and 3rd and two runs in the 5th while holding Dingley scoreless. Dingley's bats awoke in the 6th and scored two runs on four straight hits to halve the lead. We responded with another two runs in the 7th to restore our four run lead however Dingley hit back immediately with another two runs. Aidan Fulcher stepped up to drive in a run in the 8th while Tom Schneider drove in an all important insurance run in the 9th to stretch the lead back out to four. Dingley heaped on the pressure in the bottom of the 9th by taking advantage of some misplayed fly balls to the outfield to score three runs with 2 out and then loading the bases. Thankfully, Rusty was able to handle the pressure and induce a ground ball to Jordan Brown at second base who threw to first for the final out of the game.
Neil Johnson lead the way again in the batters box collecting 3 hits and 3 RBI's while Aidan Fulcher recorded his first safe hit at this level.
Thanks to Emma Medwin for taking on the scoring duties this week.

3 - Neil Johnson (inc 2B). 2 - Ben Clarke, Sam Watson. 1 - Teizo Kato, Bevan Smart (2B), Tom Schneider, Stuart Adam, Aidan Fulcher.

Stuart Adam - 6IP 6H 0BB 2K 2R 2ER
Russell Clarke - 3IP 9H 2BB 1K 5R 5ER

Frankston 19 defeated Dingley 6

The streak continues with our third win on the trot, a healthy percentage boosting one to boot, which we desperately needed. Playing on the road at Dingley, the team put in their best offensive performance of the season, plating 19 runs with everyone contributing up and down the lineup, Billy Dines taking the team's honours with a double, two walks, an inside the park home run and 6 RBI's. Boof got the start and was hardly troubled by the Dingley bats. Behind the dish, Josh was rock solid, throwing out 2 of the speedy Dingley runners and unlucky not to have 3 more if not for some sloppy tags, which brings me to the only negative of the day....defense, which we struggled with, and that's being kind, committing 7 errors. Luckily our offense was able to bail us out each time. Scoop closed the game out to seal the win, a win that sees us slot into second spot on the ladder, a position we have not held for quite a while and one we want to keep.
Boneo comes to The Patch this week to try and knock us off our rung. I'll be looking for a repeat of our good hitting from this week but we'll need to be significantly better in the field. I have no doubt we will.

2 - Kyle (inc 2B), Bill (HR & 2B). 1 - Gareth, Mark, Matt, Hyung, Scoop.

Boof - 3IP 3H 3K 1BB 4RS 0ER
Scoop - 1IP 2H 2K 1BB 2RS 0ER

7 May 2016

Frankston 6 drew Cheltenham 6

In yet another sunny day for winter baseball down at the Patch, we scratched out a draw against a Cheltenham side playing with nothing to lose. I can't help feeling that we didn't take our opportunities to win when they presented which ultimately cost us the full points for the game.
To Cheltenham's credit, and I've said this before, they played with nothing to lose and held our hitters down for most of the game with some fairly simple but effective pitching. Some fielding errors from our infield combined with a couple of good Cheltenham hits kept them in the game that we couldn't quite shut down every time we jumped ahead. Another excellent game from Conor Myles making a great play at right field to hold a go ahead run late in the game, as well as collecting three excellent hits batting at number 2 in the line up. We scored runs in most innings and remained aggressive on base for the whole game, a little unlucky at times picking out fielders with hard hit balls, however time got the better of us in the end as we were setting up for a grandstand finish!
Jye Nelson threw well to start the game, and Mac Hura closed the game out better than he did at Pakenham! Off to Dingley next week to play on Sunday, see you all there.

3 - Conor Myles, 2 - Mac Hura (inc 2B), 1 - Ben Smith, Mark Jones, Steven Fox.

Jye Nelson - 3 innings, 3 hits, 3 ks, 1BB, 4 runs scored
Mac Hura - 4 innings, 4 hits, 5 ks, 1BB, 2 runs scored

Frankston 13 defeated Chelsea 3

Returning home, after last week's disappointing loss, we were keen to get back on track as quickly as possible. And the boys delivered with a thumping 13-3 mercy rule victory over Chelsea. Racking up 14 hits, 4 walks and 2 HPB's over our 6 digs we were able to amass base runners and apply scoreboard pressure by converting in every inning. Teizo and Sam had a productive day with 3 RBI's each while Rusty scored 3 times. Overall, a very impressive day at the plate which has set a standard for the rest of the season.
After scoring 2 runs in the 1st inning, Chelsea were restricted to 1 unearned run for the remainder of the game by solid pitching and sound defence. Thanks again to Sharyn Hussey for taking on the scoring duties this week.

3 - Teizo Kato (inc 2B), Neil Johnson (inc 2B), Sam Watson. 2 - Zac Skinner. 1 - Russell Clarke, Bevan Smart (2B), Tom Schneider.

Stuart Adam - 4IP 5H 2BB 3K 3R 2ER
Tim Hanson - 3IP 2H 0BB 3K 0R 0ER

Frankston 6 defeated Chelsea 5

Two in a row!! That's a streak, not a very long streak, but a streak all the same. Last Saturday's contest was a tight, well played game of baseball with good pitching, solid defense and timely hitting. Hyung, who'd been in my ear the last couple of weeks about having a pitch, got the start and didn't disappoint giving us 4 outstanding innings. Putting runs on the board early was going to be the key and to the boys credit, we did exactly that, scoring in each of the first three innings, Luke and Mark's 2 hits a piece contributing in part to our first four runs as did Conner Ramm's first hit and RBI of the season.
Scoop relieved 'H' after Chelsea banged in a couple of runs in the 5th and cut the lead to 1 at 4 - 3. With the game on the line, I looked for a response from the team and got it in spades as Kyle led off the inning with a basehit. Two soft outs followed, but as he did last week, a huge basehit to Bill Dines plated a much needed run. Josh's bases loaded walk two batters later stretched the lead out to 3 as we entered the final inning. With time all but extinguished and victory assured reguardless, the Dolphins scored a couple of runs and threatened to tie but a routine grounder to 3rd ended the game with no need for the score to revert. For the second week in a row, the concentration and intensity was excellent and when challenged, the team stepped up and produced, both with the bat and in the field. Keep up the good work all.
Next week, with confidence building, we take our streak on the road in search of another W.

2 - Luke, Mark, Sean. 1 - Kyle, Bill, Conner.

Hyung - 4IP 1H 3K 3BB 2RS 2ER
Scoop - 2IP 5H 2K 2BB 3RS 1ER

30 April 2016

Frankston 18 defeated Pakenham 2

Well, a week is a long time in baseball, you may heard that before. The Frankston Tomatoes A Reserve travelled out to Pakenham this week, some of us arriving earlier than others. No names mentioned, but three players may have completed their pre game warm up on the country roads of Cardinia after a little car trouble held them up along the way. Many thanks to umpires Ian and Mark for waiting for us to arrive.
Once the game got going, it was a different mindset from the week before against Mornington, solid team hitting from all players, quick base running and some errors falling our way meant the score jumped up pretty quickly. Team defence again was our goal, Ben Smith on the hill kept Pakenham guessing for most of the game, whilst Mac came in to close and although struggling early to find his zone, threw some nice pitches to finish the game off. Several players had multiple base hits which is a good sign for the week ahead when we face old foe Cheltenham down at Tomatoland. See you all there.

3 - Conor Myles, Steven Fox (inc 2B), Ben Smith (inc 2B). 2 - Mark Jones (incl 2B), Scott Baillie. 1 - Ben Clarke.

Ben Smith - 3IP 2K
Mac Hura - 2IP 2H 3K

Frankston 5 lost to Bonbeach 17

We travelled to Bicentennial Park with some confidence after last week's win but walked away after mercy rule defeat by a strong Bonbeach team. We jumped out of the blocks by scoring 3 runs in the top of the 1st after taking advantage of some wayward pitching and a hit by Ben Laux. It was the positive start we were looking for but couldn't hold out the opposition who scored 2 unearned runs in the bottom of the inning. We hit the scoreboard again in the top of the 2nd when Neil Johnson hit a bases loaded ground rule double to right field. Unfortunately, from that point on, Bonbeach totally dominated the game and showed us the standard of play that we need to aim for.
Congratulations to Aidan Fulcher, our latest junior to make a B1 debut this season.

2 - Neil Johnson (inc 2B). 1 - Zac Skinner, Russell Clarke, Ben Laux.

Ben Laux - 3IP 4H 6BB 2K 10R 8ER
Russell Clarke - 3IP 6H 2BB 0K 7R 7ER

Frankston 7 defeated Bonbeach 2

The field at Bonbeach has always been a happy hunting ground for the B2 Tomatoes and this game would be no exception. With a couple of less than stellar performances under our belt to start the season, we were desperate to get our first win of 2016 and play the sort of baseball that I always knew we could.
Scoop got the call to the hill and gave us the start we were looking for, 4 solid innings, keeping the Bluejays bats quiet, our defense also setting the tone early with great plays from Gareth at 3rd and Mark tracking down a well hit ball in centrefield in tricky blustery conditions. In the box, hits to Gareth, Kyle and Steve assisted in plating 3 runs to start the game and we were away. Mark swung the bat hard all day, collecting 3 hits for his troubles, Josh's RBI basehit in the second kept the scoreboard ticking over and after the Bluejays plated a couple to get themselves back into the game, Bill's 2 out, 2 RBI basehit slammed the door on them. We scored 4 in our final batting inning which would not count as the score reverted back when time was called, but our dominance was clear. A great performance from all, a team performance, with everyone contributing in some way.
The challenge is now in front of us, can we replicate this type effort and performance consistently for the remainder of the year, we'll answer that question real soon.

3 - Mark (inc 2B). 2 - Steve (inc 2B). 1 - Gareth, Kyle, Trent, Bill, Josh.

Scoop - 4IP 6H 4K 2ER
Boof - 1IP 1H 0K 0ER

23 April 2016

Frankston 6 defeated Cheltenham 3

Returning to action after a bye last week, the B1 team prevailed over Cheltenham with a confidence boosting victory. Falling behind 2-0 after two and a half innings, the boys responded immediately to take the lead for good. Sending 9 hitters to the plate, but only recording one hit, we scored 4 runs by taking advantage of 3 walks and an error. Another run in the 5 th and a final run in the 7 th saw the lead push out to 4 runs but Cheltenham applied the pressure by scoring a run in the 8 th and then loading the bases with none out in the 9th. Fortunately, we were able to close out the game and record our 1 st win of the year.
Jye Nelson was solid over his 6 innings on the hill but was let down by some sloppy fielding at times, something we will need to work on.
Congratulations to a couple of our promising juniors, Jordan Brown and Zac Skinner, who both recorded their first safe hits at this level.

2 - Zac Skinner, Jye Nelson, Mac Hura (inc 2B), Neal Cavanagh. 1 - Sam Watson, Jordan Brown, Evan Nisbet.

Jye Nelson - 6IP 4H 0BB 3K 2R 1ER
Mac Hura - 2IP 2H 0BB 4K 1R 1ER
Stuart Adam - 1IP 0H 2BB 1K 0R 0ER

16 April 2016

Frankston 3 drew with Mornington 3

The stunning start to the season against Dandenong in game one seemed long forgotten after we played out a 3-all draw against Mornington on Saturday. We took a lot of confidence from our season start and I think Mornington's simple hard fought style bought us back to earth a little. The lesson from the game was that if you don't hit the ball, you can't be expected to win.
We only had four hitters for the day, amassing five hits in total. All our runs were unearned, which means the opposition had to make a mistake for us to score. On the positive, our pitching rotation saw Mitch Bowen throw well for three innings before Ben Smith returned to the hill for the first time this season to hold Mornington out. Our team defence is strong, so we will continue to build on our hitting as the season goes along.
On the road to Pakenham after a bye will give us a chance to swing the bats again. See you all there.

2 - Mark Jones, Conor Myles. 1 - Tim Hanson, Jye Nelson.

Mitch Bowen - 3IP 4H 4K 2RS
Ben Smith - 5IP 4H 5K 1RS

9 April 2016

Frankston 8 defeated Dandenong 0

Opening day for 2016 season couldn't have started any better for the A Reserve Tomatoes with an 8-0 win over the Dandenong Angels. Playing at home on the new infield surface, the diamond looked great, a credit to the committee for the outstanding work over the summer break.
Mitch Bowen took the ball for the first pitch and threw well within himself for four good innings of work, he was relieved by Matt O'Brien who made his return to A Reserve baseball with three tidy closing innings of work. To keep a hitting side like Dandenong down meant the defence was strong, a new infield line up combined with some old timers scattered in between kept the balance right and we were able to deny any scoring chance for Dandenong. Our extended pre season hitting program showed great reward particularly with runners on base with several players getting solid contact right through the line up. Special welcome to new player Jamie Hafey-Bagg and returning from football Tom Davis!
A good first up win ahead of a long season is always a positive, I fully expect Dandenong to bounce back next time we meet. We are down to the beach next week to play Mornington, see you there.

2 - Tom Davis (inc 2B), Leigh Spicer (inc 2B), Tim Hanson (inc 2B). 1 - Mark Jones (2B).

Mitch Bowen - 4IP 2H 2BB 5K 0R 0ER
Matt O'Brien - 3IP 1H 0BB 1K 0R 0ER

Frankston 2 lost to Dandenong 7

It was great to have our first game of the season at the 'Tomato Patch' with all teams playing Dandenong. The list differed slightly to last year as we welcomed new members, Jye Nelson, Zac Skinner (junior) and Josh Bayley to our team. Jye was keen to start on the mound and he was well supported by our strong defence, particularly our outfielders, Josh, Evan Nesbit and Sam Watson/Ned Omar, who caught everything. Zac was very comfortable, displaying great skills as catcher, backing up Jye and Russell Clarke as reliever.
Safe hits determined the play, with Dandenong - 12 and Frankston - 3, but it was really only the second innings for Dandenong, that skewed what was a tight game. We rallied in the 8th, scoring one, but left 2 runners on base. Throughout, Dandenong's defence was too good, with clean plays in the infield and all fly balls taken in the outfield. A good first up appearance and we look forward to Manager - Stuart Adam returning after the bye. THANKYOU to Sharyn Hussey for scoring.
Next game: Saturday 23rd - home to Cheltenham

2 - Bevan Smart. 1 - Rob Davis.

Jye Nelson - 5IP 9H 4BB 2K 6R 6ER
Russell Clarke - 4IP 3H 1BB 2K 1R 1ER

Frankston 3 lost to Dandenong 18

Another season is finally upon us and with a slightly different looking team, our expectations of a much more competitive season were high. Those thoughts were quickly dashed, for this week anyway, as Dandenong gave us a right royal touch up. The now traditional Round 1 match up between the Tomatoes and the Angels delivered the usual result, the 4 time premiership winner hitting their stride from the getgo. We on the other hand were showing signs of rust and lots of it, a few skill errors at the start didn't help our cause, gifting some easy runs to the Angels who then pressed their advantage. Our offensive didn't fire a shot until late, 3 runs just isn't going to get it done, against anybody, not at this level.
But now the positives, despite the lopsided scoreline, the team remained positive throughout and didn't drop their heads even by the end and continued thereafter to be positive about the oncoming season. As mentioned earlier, this is a slightly different looking team, with some of the usual faces being joined by some new ones. A welcome return to Kyle Hardy and Billy Dines plus new players Mark Baneth, Neil Johnson and Hyung Sonh. Everyone will be better off for the run and with a few more games under our belt, I can see this team gelling into a solid unit. Congratulations to Mark and Neil for their first hits as Tomatoes. A bye this week, which is not an ideal way start the year, but I'm sure we'll bounce back and put a W on the board in round 3.